For job seekers – search for jobs

People looking for a new job or a new challenge or young people who are looking for a seasonal, apprenticeship or training, can be registered in our agency. Our staff will outline the offers we have and then we will contact you, depending on the capabilities, with the possible future employer. It will then be your care, whether you will like the conditions offered, and if you will accept them or not. In the second case we will seek an alternative together.

It would be ideal that job seekers would appear in person at our agency. If this is not possible, can still send us your CV, complete with photograph and any written references of the last five years (see 'Contacts' for our addresses). In this case, at the end of the curriculum, it shall be given to our agency explicit permission to use the personal data for the search of a new job according to Law n. 196/2003.

It will then be our care to contact job seekers to agree on the next steps.

The service is free for them.

You can compile your own curriculum downloading AgenturLuise_CV-xml-pdf on your computer. Once installed, it will be possible to complete the CV in PDF format and view our current vacancies.

Summer jobs

Students who have reached the 16th year of age and college students can find a summer job through us. Some examples:

Waiter assistant – bar help – cook assistant – auxiliary chambermaid – handyman – shop assistant – support for secretariat or reception – dishwasher or overall aid.

The registration can be done by the company such as:

a) summertime agreement: is a temporary contract of employment to which the young is insured against accidents at work and for civil liability. The payment of social security contributions is expected, too. He/she is entitled to a reduced salary and the amount is determined by the contract of sector. Such an agreement shall be for a period of at least 6 - maximum 14 weeks.

b) apprenticeship contract: this doesn't constitute an employment relationship as it is the training that is in the foreground and the pupil has the opportunity to learn directly from within an enterprise. The young usually get a reduced wage for the work done and is insured borne by the company against accidents at work and civil liability, but there is no payment of social security. The duration can be at least 2 weeks and should not exceed six months.

c) temporary contract of employment: in this case the young is entitled to be paid under the collective agreement applied by the company and will be insured against accidents at work and for civil liability. The payment of social security contributions is expected, too; the duration is determined individually.

For further information we are at your disposal.