In the hotel industry, the reception is the receiving area, where staff receive and/or look after persons. The guest can gain a first impression of the business there and is the central contact point for any questions and services. At the reception the following staff are represented: chef de reception, receptionist.


Cooking is the heart of every hotel and restaurant business. Depending on the size of the company, the cooking brigade consists of: head chef (or sole chef), sous chef (deputy chef), chef de partie, demi chef de partie and commis de cuisine, cook apprentice and kitchen help, dishwasher.


The main task of the service team is to receive guests in a friendly manner, to offer them a place and then to serve them and look after them caringly. These include: service/restaurant manager, maitre, head waiter, sommelier, chef de rang, hall waiter, demi chef de rang – room commis, apprentice waiter - trainee.


The bar area is responsible for the preparation of a variety of drinks and cocktails and the care of guests. Depending on the nature of the business, the following positions may be mentioned: chef de bar (bar manager), barman - barlady - bartender - barkeeper (with knowledge of cocktails), bar commis and bar aid.
Beauty & Wellness

Beauty & Wellness

The beauty and wellness department of a hotel is responsible for the well-being of the guests. The following positions help guests to spend a pleasant and memorable holiday: wellness/SPA manager, beautician, masseuse/eur, massage therapist, fitness instructor, wellnesstrainer, sauna master, hiking guide.


This department is responsible for working on the floors and keeping clean the entire guest building. It includes the following areas: corridors, guest rooms, hotel hall, reception area, staircases and other rooms. All this is performed by: governess/housemaid/housekeeper, chambermaid, laundress, cleaning staff.